The Benefits of Concrete Wood
  • Super Durable & Easy To Maintain
  • Indoor / Outdoor Installations
  • Unlimited Color Selections
  • Waterproof – NOT affected by floods if installed in a basement
  • Perfect to be installed overheated slab applications.
  • Great for people with big pets
  • Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable


 Imagine your existing concrete completely transformed into the look of wood flooring!   Definitely one of the HOTTEST decorative concrete resurfacing systems.  This system provides the timeless look of hardwood floors with the durability of concrete.

 Our Concrete Wood System starts with an industrial cementitious coating that is actually stronger than the concrete itself. We use a combination of taping, troweling, and staining techniques to give the rich feel of reclaimed hardwood. 

A wide selection of stains allows for concrete wood in any color imaginable, from rustic to super modern.


With Concrete Wood, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage or other problems associated with laminate surfaces. Our sustainable, pet-friendly coating can permanently transform any basement, family room, patio, porch, showroom, or commercial space. 

Contact us today for a free quote at your home or business - we'll be happy to explain the process and benefits of the Concrete Wood!

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