Improve the appearance of your floors with one of our Epoxy Flake floors. Epoxy Flake flooring is a strong industrial coating designed to provide an attractive surface that will last for many years. 

This coating benefits our customers as being easy to clean, has an industrial epoxy base, and can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

We have multiple blend options available to suit design needs and have the ability to provide a slip-resistant finish or add extra, high build epoxy to make it more smooth.

This system is highly recommended for garage floors, hallways, recreational rooms, warehouses, factory/industrial areas, locker rooms, staircases, fire stations, and much more!

The Epoxy Flake Flooring system makes concrete flooring as beautiful as it is practical and cost-effective. Color Flakes, also commonly referred to as chips or flakes, utilize a unique product that is integrally pigmented, brilliantly colored, and random in shape and size.  


We have a set of popular color blends to choose from but there are hundreds of options available.  You can even use custom blends with infinite possibilities to achieve optimal appearance and texture qualities with an epoxy floor coating that is great for garages, commercial spaces, and more.

For optimal strength, we use only the best 100% solids industrial strength Epoxy and 85% solids Polyaspartic seal coat which is very scratch and chemical resistant.  Combined with a full broadcast of Color Flakes to create the perfect long-term solution to all your flooring needs.


Step 1: Evaluating & Preparation 

Step 1 is the most critical. We prepare the floor surface using a diamond grinder and/or shot blaster. We use HEPA filtered vacuums to keep dust to a minimum.  Any cracks or pitting are then repaired with professional patching products. After this, the entire floor is vacuumed twice to remove any concrete dust from the surface. This preparation process is paramount to achieving a porous and contaminant free floor surface that will allow our systems to penetrate and bond at the molecular level.  This ensures the floor will last many years without delaminating.


Step 2: Repair & Primer


Step 2 furthers our process by performing any cracking and divot/pitting repair.  Next, a color coat of 100% solid epoxy, is applied along with a full or partial broadcast of Polymer decorative vinyl chips of the customers choice of size and color.


Step 3: Light Sanding & Clearcoat

Step 3 of our process entails lightly sanding and/or scraping the flakes to achieve the desired amount of texture. The loose flakes are vacuumed up.  This stage is completed by the application of a clear top coat containing an anti-skid aggregate.

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